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Cinema Screen

Transformers - The Last Knight

Michael Bays next Transformers blockbuster. A significant small contribution but worth talking about here in my portfolio. I helped out my colleaques with some 3D model enhancement of the ark that came out of the deep ocean. Which means I helped creating some smaller matte painting background as well as adding sea-plants to the ship to make it more detailed and believable.


Adding the small sea plants

A colleaque from the 3D department at Scanline came to me and asked if I can help him adding sea plants to the 3D model of the ark ship for extra detail. With 3Ds Max did we created and shaded the ship. First did us came in mind to work with instances and using a brush to spread them and to lower the file size of the ship. But to create a more realistic results we decided to place the plants by hand and modify them depending on the shape of the model. 


Tony Andreas Rudolph

UX & VFX Storyteller
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