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How to create a realistic valley in the mountains with less resources? Using photogrammetry elements was here the key to save production time and get the best possible flexibility in lighting. The photogrammetry was mainly used in combination with nukeX to create a more realistic look for the paralax in the background.


Adding photogrammetry in the midground, DMP in the background

To save resources and have the best possible and flexible outcome, did we decided to use photogrammetry to combine it with DMP projection techniques. The location where the story is happening was captured with a lot of photos with a helicopter.
First I cut the location into sections which I can move around at the end. After that I generated the photogrammetry from those sections. In combination with Nuke did I had enough flexebility to move the 3D elements around and color grade them depening on shot and lighting of the plate.



Classic matte paintings for the background

For the distant sky and mountains where classic digital matte painting projection techniques used. I projected the in photoshop created matte paintings in Nuke on a simple 3D geo I made in Autodesk Maya. After that did I graded photogrammetry to get a smooth trasition between plate and background matte painting.


Tony Andreas Rudolph

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