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Der geilste Tag

The German movie starring Matthias Schweigh√∂fer and Florian David Fritz playing in one sequence on a high crane with a view over a city and industrial district. Originally this sequence plays partly in studio but was also shot on location with a kind of real crane. Tony was asked to create the background based on the real location. Because of the big movement of the camera, the fore- and midground has to be -recreated entirely in 3D. The distant background was classic digital matte painting with camera projection. 

On the crane

Fore- and midgrounda

With 3Ds Max and Vray was Tony able to create the fore- and midground within some days. He reused textured of photos from the buildings shot on location including painting custom textures. Because of the dark and moody sequence, the 3D doesn't need to be pixel perfect, the goal was to sell the idea that helps to tell the story. 


The 3D Lamborghini

3D model enhancement and changes

ScanlineVFX had a finished model of a Lamborghini but the model wasn't a drop-top. Also the wheels and other details didn't matched the real Lamborghini. Todo those model adjustments he used 3Ds Max to rebuild the real Lamborghini based on the existing 3D model.

UI Design

Lets create a clone from a social media, search engine and video player

As a smaller task on the movie, Tony was responsible to create the UI design clones of Google, Facebook and the Quicktime player to help telling the story within the shots. Challange was here to create a for the viewer recognizable representation of those websites that feels real and believable to them.

Movie magic always feels
like real magic to me.


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