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Dayflash is a social media app for photographers who wants to share their photography with others. Tony liked the concept behind it, especially to share images on full screen in portrait mode. The redesign just doesn't brings in a new UI that has the look and feel of a photography magazine; it also brings in a new userflow that makes it more intuitive to use the app as a whole like uploading a new photo. Also similar to Twitch where users can make a paid subscription to content creators to support them. 


A photographer these days wants to share his work and also wants to be connected to others. Also many photographers have the dream to live from photography.


The objective was the focus on user flow and the content creator subscription inside the app. It has to content focused with a delightful way to direct the user to the photographers page. The subscription needed to be simple and easy to understand to increase subscriptions for the content creator. Posting content like new photos or content for the subscription area needed to be easy and fast to push content creators to create content just for Dayflash.


How to identify the pain points?

Dayflash has a lot of potenzial for content creators and people who just enjoy watching their content. The interview with around 6 users had the following results:

  1. They want an easy way to upload content to the app, currently it takes to much steps for them to upload content
  2. Currently the app has no real strategy and flow to increase subscriptions for content creators - users struggle to subscripe because of missing information like benefits they gather while subscribing to a specific content creator
  3. Because the app mostly runs fullscreen, they currently using different finger gestures to navigate and interact with the content - users founded often frustrating because gestures did felt natural and intuitive enough


The interview were converted into a user journey map to understand the problems better

To help the story telling of this feature film. I was responsible for creating the moody view from the Brooklyn Bridge into the New York Skyline. besides creating the extention of the bridge entirly in 3D using Houdini and Maya. Was I also responsible for the research of the bridge doing that time as well as the concept design of it. The concepts were pitched to the director and vfx supervisor. Once it was approved I went go on to create it in 3D. I also created a slap-comp in Nuke which later got shared with the compositing department to finalize the shots.


How to upload a new photo efficient and engage the user to be active on the app? 

In the current user flow to upload a picture, the user has to take 7 steps to upload something (see below the current userflow). Tony analized the flow and hold user interviews to find ways to shrink down the steps and frustration in the upload process. Users wanted to have a similar quick upload process like Instagram. 


How to help content creators with paid subscription?

A paid subscription help creators to become mentors for younger photographers and artists. It's important to show the potential subscriper the activity of the creator. So the user can better decide if he wants to subscripe or not. If the subscription is done, the user is able to get access to a new blog like page where he can read, watch and ask his mentor specific questions to enhance his skills.


A user flow is key to increase activity inside an app.

Dayflash was the personal project to focus especially on user flows. 

  • User flows are essential as user research, especially to combine those are the important part to fully understand a running app or also a new peoject
  • The best UI cannot make a good app, focus on information architecture also pushes the foundation of great user experience

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