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Captain America Winter Soldier

Captain America Winter Soldier was one of Tonys first Visual Effects projects he worked on. Responsible for the building chase sequence did he managed to deliver assets and elements that helped telling the story of Steve Rogers and his best friend. Together with ScanlineVFX Matte Painter Benjamin Ross did he worked on this project. 

Captain America Winter Soldier Digital Matte Painting 5


When reference photos where missing

When Tony went through the reference photos to create the digital matte paintings, he found out that some perspektives were missing to complete his job. Because the shots need to be done quickly, it wasn't enough time to ask the Scanline studio in Vancouver or the client for additorial material to produce the matte paintings. 
So Tony decided to rebuild the opposite side of the street and building front in Maya based on the perspective of other shots and Google Maps; with a very rough texture and lighting. After that did he a digital matte painting on top of the 3D. At the end, even the VFX Producer and Supervisor at Scanline asked him from where he got the photos so fast. 

Captain America Winter Soldier Digital Matte Painting 4


When dreams come true

To help the story telling of this feature film. I was responsible for creating the moody view from the Brooklyn Bridge into the New York Skyline. besides creating the extention of the bridge entirly in 3D using Houdini and Maya. Was I also responsible for the research of the bridge doing that time as well as the concept design of it. The concepts were pitched to the director and vfx supervisor. Once it was approved I went go on to create it in 3D. I also created a slap-comp in Nuke which later got shared with the compositing department to finalize the shots.


Keep calm and provise when needed

Kyln is a galactic prison that holds the bad of the galaxy. Doing the production I was responsible for creating some smaller matte painting backgrounds. The challanging part was to not only create the matte paintings, but also start from scratch. 


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