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American Renegades

From director Gore Vendinski comes an horror drama that plays in an remote wellness center in the Swiss Alps. Doing his time in the mansion has actor Dane DeHaan flashbacks from his time in the rainy and moody New York City back in the 80s. 
Filmed on a bridge in Hamburg was Tony responsible in creating the extension of the 

FX Concept Art

From concept to final shot

For American Renegades had Tony the opportunity to do the FX and dike concept art and definied the FX of the waves and destruction from those shots. He also designed the dike roughly in 3D. The 3D model was then hand of to the modelling department as well as the FX department for the final touchups. 

Renegades 3D Model of Twin Towers

The bosnian twin towers

3D modelling and texturing

Doing the production, Tony was asked to model the burning bosnian twin towers which need to be re-used in several shots and sequences doin the movie. For that, he used Autodesk 3DsMax to build the towers from scratch. This process includes research and deep dive to get the look and feel of the towers right. Because they will stand out a lot doing the movie and also helps the audience to locate, where the movie is playing and doing which time in the Bosnian area. 

War destruction matte paintings

From Photoshop to Nuke slap-comps

To help the story telling of this feature film. I was responsible for creating the moody view from the Brooklyn Bridge into the New York Skyline. besides creating the extention of the bridge entirly in 3D using Houdini and Maya. Was I also responsible for the research of the bridge doing that time as well as the concept design of it. The concepts were pitched to the director and vfx supervisor. Once it was approved I went go on to create it in 3D. I also created a slap-comp in Nuke which later got shared with the compositing department to finalize the shots.


Tony Andreas Rudolph

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