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How can you engage customers to use an nearly unknown path to save money for digital products, especially mobile games?
You build landing pages that teach and inform customers on how to save money by building simple designs that focus on content and the customer. The KPIs provided helped to push the designs and to find a design that helped reaching those goals.  



Inform & teach - always with customer first

The landing pages are content focused but in the similar look and feel of the promoted app that helped building a bridge between customer and product. Information architekture is here key on those landing pages, because they inform the customer what the offer is all about. The KPIs showed us that heavy stylized landing pages are a great recognizion of the app, but doesn't help getting full attation on the information and content. 


Stylized Hearthstone landing page (left) vs the upgraded simplified landing page (right)


KPI driven design decision

When I started working at Amazon Appstore, the team used only single banners combined with yellow Amazon-like buttons. I found a way to use the internal landing page builder to design fully functional landing pages that pushing the overall quality of the campaigns. The internal landing page builder helped also to track important data of all clickable elements and page visits that help later on the modify and push the designs even further. Also with A/B testing where I able to find the best way to design the landing pages.



KPIs as well as testing is key

Working at Amazon was later on a eye opener, because Amazon is a data driven company where informations like KPIs are key to find the best solutions for campaigns to reach customers and to give them the best possible value in savings. Even now in UX/UI design decisions, KPIs are important to get the information needed to improve a design and flow as whole. 


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